Monthly Archives: March 2013

So, as of right now my mom is no longer able to recognize who any of us are anymore. Her heartrate is steady in the 30’s, blood pressure is constantly rising, and she has endured several seizures recently. I know that many of you would question why I would photograph these things, and to be honest, it’s because having the camera in my hand and capturing the moments helps me go through this. The thought that I can never make a phone call just to talk to my mom about my day is earthshattering and knowing that my brother will have buried both of his parents before he turns 20 simply hurts. I had one bit of comfort before I made the 3 hour drive back home last night. My mom was talking to herself, and when we asked who she was talking to she told us that she was talking to my dad, or as she said “Sidney”. I want to thank everyone for the continued support and prayers, and especially Eddie Marroquin for going so far out of his way for me last night. I cannot say thank you enough.


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